Boosters approve FinishLynx System

For 2013, the Radford High School track team will no longer relay on 3rd party timers and can hopefully increase some efficiency future track meets.

FinishLynx® is the world’s most popular and versatile digital photofinish and timing system. A FinishLynx® line-scan camera only sees a very narrow piece of the world – the finish line. It looks at the finish line many times a second and stores each of these images.

To help you better understand how the camera gets a picture of the finish on your screen we have designed an animation of how a FinishLynx® image is assembled. Click on the button below and move the animation window to one side of the screen. An explanation of the image is provided below.

The animation on the Finish Line side of the simulation shows 35 “images” of the finishline shown one after another. You will notice that it looks like a moving picture of competitors moving through the finish line. The animation on the Monitor side shows these same “images” placed one beside the other in a way that mimics how the FinishLynx® software assembles the images. Each image represents a fractionally later moment in time. Reading a time is simply a question of identifying which “image” contains the moment when a competitor crossed the line by placing the hairline there. Because the images are time-indexed by the software, the competitor’s time is instantly displayed when the hairline is positioned.